What is Perana Viosa's approach to education & training?

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"People will betray you, but your books won't."

These powerful words formed a learning philosophy for our founder, which grew into our steadfast courage to move toward the ever-changing challenges experienced by our society. We leverage the concept of self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance to radically transform the way that aspiring marketers, entrepreneurs and business leaders view their own learning and development journey.

13+ years of training entrepreneurs and aspiring marketers

In just over 13 years of delivering training in a variety of formats, we’re proud to share that we have supported more than 500 SMMEs across five industries:

Training options

We offer marketing education & training in a variety of formats, going the extra mile to individualise the content and learning material for your learning group. No two people are the same, so why would you choose a one-size-fits-all training programme for your team?

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Workshop format intervention

Our workshops are tailored to suit your learning objectives and can range from two hours to two full days in duration. We charge a flat rate for your convenience and recommend that no more than 20 people be grouped together for a single session.


Keynote speaker

Our founder often addresses audiences at schools, cultural events, fundraisers and conferences, giving guests unique food for thought that adds value for decades to come. Promotion of your event is included in the booking fee, if your event is open to the public.

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Marketing intern

Most marketing interns enter the working world between the ages of 18-25 — the age group that currently experiences the most gripping challenge with endurance, commitment and delayed gratification (look up Simon Sinek’s work on this for reference).

Our managed internship programme and our intern intervention workshops help interns figure out the aspects of navigating a marketing career that no school, college or parent teaches them before they enter your business.

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Longer term

You could go just about anywhere to learn technical skills like how to run social media ads, but what you can only find at Perana Viosa is a way to foster deep and meaningful human connections through the strategic use of corporate communication.

We take time to understand your development pace and we grow with you, helping you navigate the next steps effectively and with confidence, whether you are aiming to become a CMO one day or a business leader.

Invest in transformational marketing education & training

“Prenessa engages so deeply with the subject, client profile or industry vertical that her [work] has great authority and expertise.”       — Kelly Ledbetter, former Writer at Sweet Fish Media

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