Fractional CMO Services

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A Fractional CMO is an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer. This is a marketing leader for your business, who is highly experienced and understands all facets of marketing, traditional and print. Your Fractional CMO is in charge of your marketing strategy, budget, team development and operation.

How do you know if you need a Fractional CMO?

Working with a Fractional CMO is ideal if you’re a funded startup and you need to prove your concept, scale up revenue generation opportunities or increase your market share. Your investors will celebrate you bringing in high-quality leadership that can help you establish healthy working relationships with other agencies and independent contractors, as well as hiring in-house staff at the right time while using the right approach. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and never have enough time to create content or manage your ad campaigns and respond to PR opportunities, it’s time to appoint a Fractional CMO.

Typical scope for a Fractional CMO

The idea of appointing a Fractional CMO is to bring in someone who doesn’t need instructions on what to do to take your company’s marketing efforts forward. Here’s a typical example of what you can expect support with when you hire a Fractional CMO

Source and manage marketing talent

Develop marketing objectives

Lead the company’s marketing operation

Manage marketing budgets

Report management and performance analytics

Representing the business at industry events if necessary

Independently staying updated with marketing trends, technology and techniques

Work with other leaders in your team to continually develop the business processes

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Perana Viosa's Fractional CMO track record

Since the introduction of our Fractional CMO services in April 2021, these are just a handful of the results we can share from our journey:

• Served more than 50 businesses across 4 continents

• Reduced cost per lead by an average of 35% across our client base

• Scaled revenue 15x without spending a cent on paid advertising

"I would highly recommend Prenessa as a Fractional CMO, paid ad resource, content writer and just about anything to do with business and marketing strategy!"