Our Story | The Perana Viosa Story.

Our unique journey is your unique superpower

“Pera” means to achieve or to win in Thamizh, the language of our Founder, Prenessa Nalliah’s, heritage. At the core of everything we do, we want to leave people better off with each encounter. Our core values, in order, are integrity, discipline and respect.

"Only when you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find power and purpose in your today's work."

Our fractional agency

We practice what we preach, observing the fractional model internally. This helps us keep fees as low as possible for all of our clients to enjoy access to top talent in research, strategy, design, copywriting, photo and video content production, data management and performance analytics. Go on, get a quote or book an introductory call to discuss your objectives. For less than the price of a single full-time CMO, you can get a formidable team of experts to help you build a robust business.

Our people

Our Founder and Director is Prenessa Nalliah. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Corporate Communication. As at 2023, holds over 15 years of experience in youth and social development, 11 years of experience in business leadership and programme management. Prenessa has founded two brands and cofounded a third, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs in connecting their solutions with ideal customers. Connect with Prenessa on LinkedIn or view her latest speaker profile online before booking her as a motivational speaker for your workshop, seminar or conference.

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How do we work?

All relationships begin with a simple conversation, and it’s no different with us. We have developed our processes over many years, and continue to evolve so that we can meet the needs of businesses as the market itself changes daily. We use a structured low-stress method to avoid the perils of the ‘overnight express’ mindset that is making entrepreneurs and executives sick — literally — the world over. We’re not like any other marketing agency you’ve seen or worked with before and we don’t compete with other marketing agencies. Once you start working with us, you’ll find out why.


Areas of Service

Our team is fully remote and operates on South Africa’s CAT timezone (no daylight savings confusion to worry about). Although we’re headquartered on the east coast of the country, in Durban, we serve clients across four continents, so don’t let your location stop you from gaining our support.