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Perana Viosa is on a mission to change the way that entrepreneurs and small business leaders approach marketing. 

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Incepted in 2013, our company is all about leaving people, places and companies better off with each encounter. We value integrity, discipline and respect — in that order — and we strive to make every day at work a happy one, for our team and for our clients. We’re an anti-stress and anti-corruption agency and proud to do things differently at every level.

We sharpen your marketing mindset

We strengthen channel foundations

We optimise your marketing budget

We develop your marketing operation

Perana Viosa offers three categories of marketing services

Choose the one you need most or go with a combination that works for both your budget and business objectives. We offer every client a complimentary consult before making a recommendation on the way forward.

Fractional CMO services

This is ideal for funded startups and small businesses with an annual turnover of between $75k-250k. Appointing a Fractional CMO brings highly experienced marketing leaders into your business at a fraction of the market rate.

Managed marketing services

This service complements the Fractional CMO service, as a way to implement your company's unique strategy. You'll work with experienced contractors who don't need training or management, saving you precious operational time.

Marketing education and training

No matter how many courses or classes you've completed, we guarantee that you've never experienced training like ours (and that's partly because we are constantly updating our training material as the world of marketing evolves).

What is a Fractional CMO?

While some countries like the USA are more familiar with fractional executives, it is still a new concept in South Africa.

We've spent two years so far, educating the market about the purpose and benefits of working with a Fractional CMO and we continue to work at it as time passes.


This blog is an open space where you can learn from us at any time, even if you’re not yet a member of the Perana Viosa client network. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us anything. If necessary, we’ll add the content to the blog just for you to use and come back to at any time.

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